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Why are some of my orders marked as undeliverable?

The problem

You may have noticed as your store scales with us, some of your orders might be marked as "Undeliverable" by our system and become confused as to why some of your orders have been marked as this, in this article we will explain what the undeliverable state is and how you can avoid it.

What it means

Undeliverable essentially means the system detected a payment for the order but was unable to fulfil the order for a number of reasons. In most cases you can safely manually deliver the order but in some other cases you could lose money doing so, this is because our system only marks orders as undeliverable to either protect you or the customer from a worse experience, here are the reasons why an order can be marked as undeliverable:

There wasn't enough stock when the customer purchased the item, this can happen if multiple people start an order with inadequate stock and pay for the product(s).
For Cash App and PayPal Friends and Family, this can happen if the customer sends too little to you or the currency code is not what your store accepts, say for example someone sends Euro and your store accepts US dollars, that would mark it as undeliverable or they send $5.00 and your product costs $10.00;
A technical error has occurred in our delivery system, this is only the case when you've confirmed the above two reasons are not the culprit and in this case please contact us with the affected order IDs.

💡 Our system has a tolerance of 5% off the required amount for the order, this means if the user sends an amount that is less than or equal to 5% off the required cost for the order, it will be delivered anyway. For example: if I buy a product worth $5.00 and I send $4.96, I'll still receive the product.

In cases where you're using license key based delivery, the only way you can prevent this from happening is by regularly restocking your product.

Updated on: 29/02/2024

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