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Setting up PayPal friends & family

What is PayPal friends & family?

PayPal friends & family is a payment mechanism provided by PayPal that makes it much harder for customers to dispute transactions by marking sent funds as "Friends and family".

💡 Whilst it is much harder to dispute a transaction that was sent as friends & family, it is not impossible and can still be done.

Experience the power of seamless transactions with PayPal Friends & Family (F&F) on SellSN – the only platform where you can fully leverage this feature for free. This is your chance to build a thriving digital empire with an added layer of trust and fewer disputes among customers.

Link PayPal to your SellSN account

This setup will enable basic PayPal payments on your store, although if you wish to use PayPal Friends & Family (F&F) you must perform the additional setup in the below section.

Start the connection process
Go to the bottom left of your screen and click on the "Account" tab.

In "Account", on the right hand side you should see the "PayPal" option, click the "Connect" button.

Get your forwarding address
A new dialog should appear, ensure you check "Enable friends and family payments" and enter the correct email that is on your PayPal account as it's primary email address.

Click the "Next" button and you will receive an email address ending in, it is comprised of your username and then - note it down, you will need it for setting up the forwarding system later on.

Head over to the next section to setup the email forwarding from your mailbox.

Forward PayPal emails to SellSN

For automatic processing of PayPal F&F payments, it's crucial to forward your PayPal emails to us. Without this step, automatic processing isn't possible.

⚠️ Your PayPal account must be in English! If this is not the case and the emails are received in another language, our system cannot process them correctly and orders will go undelivered!

You'll need a Gmail address as your primary PayPal email address in-order to use this system, we may add support for more major email providers at a later date. Here's how you set it up with a Gmail address:

Access your Gmail forwarding settings
Open Gmail, click on the settings gear icon in the top right, then select "See all settings".

Then click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP".

💡 You can go directly to the forwarding settings by clicking here to directly go to the settings. If you're using multiple Google accounts, you might need to switch account in the top right corner.

Setup the forwarding address
Click the "Add a forwarding address" button.

Then, enter the email address that you should've noted down from Step 2 in the previous section. The email that you enter should look something like this:

You will most likely be prompted to confirm your identity via a SMS code, mobile app or authenticator app - you will need to do this in-order to continue.

Confirm the configuration
Once you've added the forwarding address, Gmail will ask you to verify the address by sending an email message to the given address. The email in question will automatically be forwarded to the email you gave as your primary PayPal email address. In that email you will be asked to click a link to confirm the email address, you need to click the link to confirm the email address.

Setup the filter to send mail
By default, Gmail might forward all copies of your email to us, which is really bad. You need to disable this feature and configure a filter to only forward PayPal service emails to us to not only protect your privacy, but to ensure performant operation of the service. To disable the default forwarding rule, head back over to the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" section in your Gmail settings, and select the "Disable forwarding" checkbox.

Now, we can create the filter to forward only PayPal emails to us, so to do this click on the "Create a new filter" link, then we need to fill out the details to make the filter.
Next, enter paypal into the from field and then click the "Create filter" button.

Finally, we can enable the filter and get it to forward to the email address. To do this, check the "Forward it to" checkbox and then choose the email address that was added earlier, then click "Create filter".

And you're all set! Your store is now ready to utilize PayPal F&F, ensuring a smooth experience for every new product you add.

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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