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Migrating to SellSN from another platform

What is automatic migrations?

Some alternate e-commerce platforms provide a system to allow us to migrate your products and even reviews over to SellSN. The following platforms are supported by SellSN and provide automatic migration with your API key:

Sellix (supports reviews and products) (supports products)
Sellpass (supports products)

💡 If you are not using any of the supported platforms, contact our support team - we will migrate them for you.

What we can migrate

Some platforms provide us more details than others when it comes to their API, at best we can migrate the following:

Store settings

What are the benefits of migrating?

We offer some benefits when you migrate your previous store to SellSN, here are some of the benefits you could receive:

Pro1 month50-500 sales
Pro1 year500-1000 sales
Business1 year1000+ sales

How can I use the automatic migration system?

It's easy! Follow the below steps and you can migrate your data from your old platform over to SellSN.

Enter the migration wizard
Head over to your "Account settings" page on the SellSN dashboard, then click on the "Start migration" button under the "Migrate from another platform" label.

Pick the platform you want to migrate from
Select the platform you want to migrate your data from, then click the "Next" button.

Enter your API key
You need to give us your API key from your previous platform so we can access your data. This is independent of your platform and you usually can find the API key in your account settings.

Finalize the migration
Depending on the platform you are migrating from, you will be asked to either pick a store to get the data from, or the store to migrate the data to. Either way you must decide where to get the data from and where to put it. You'll be given a list of stores to choose from, once you've done that click the "Next" button. After that, the migration process will be queued in our system and processed as soon as possible, you'll see the changes take place as soon as they are migrated. Usually this process takes 1-10 minutes but could take 24 hours depending on how many people are also using the system.

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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